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If you are a sports fan, you've probably wondered which sports news website is best for you. There are many, but here are the top four: BleacherReport, Deadspin, Yahoo! Sports, and Pacific Northwest Sports. We'll also discuss the pros and cons of each website. Read on for more tips on how to choose the best sports news website. And don't forget to check out our sports blog, BleacherReport.

Bleacher Report

The BleacherReport sports news website is one of the most popular online 8xbet sports publications. Its founders are David Finocchio, Alexander Freund, Bryan Goldberg, and Dave Nemetz. Finocchio was a classmate of Nemetz's at Menlo School. The other two founders are Ryan Alberti and J. B. Long. The company's headquarters was opened in spring 2007 in a Menlo Park office space that cost $650 per month.

Pacific Northwest Sports

Root Sports Northwest is a regional cable 8xbet network owned by the Seattle Mariners and affiliated with Bally Sports. It airs high school football games in the Pacific Northwest and coverage is limited to the 3A and 4A classification levels. The network also airs basketball games and other athletic events throughout the year. Its website is packed with information and features on various sports teams in the region. It is available on cable providers in Washington and DirecTV.


The popular Deadspin sports news website has gone through turmoil following the departure of editor-in-chief Diana Moskovitz. Moskovitz had been at the site for five years when she was abruptly forced to resign because of the site's failure to adhere to a corporate directive to stay purely sports. Deadspin then fired its interim editor-in-chief, and did not hire any more editorial staff. The company's owners, Great Hill Partners, have been at odds with Deadspin since the day Moskovitz left the company.

Yahoo! Sports

Yahoo! Sports is a sports news website. It receives the majority of its information from STATS, Inc., and employs many writers to write about sports events. Yahoo sports covers most major sports in North America. Before launching as Yahoo Sports, the site was known as Yahoo! Scoreboard. The company also owned a sports radio network in the U.S.A. and now owns SportsMap, an affiliated video blogging site.


In the world of college football, there's a new site to watch: Rivals. The sports news website has a virtual vise grip on the recruiting process. They relay the smallest details, including recruiting coverage. Rivals has hundreds of thousands of subscribers. But does it matter which college football website you choose? Rivals has the best college football coverage. It also reaches out to regional high school football programs, which many people don't know exist.

Read Scoops

The concept behind the Read Scoops sports news website is simple. The website compiles articles on Sports from multiple sources, such as social media and other websites. It then rates them based on their popularity, and places them in one big website. With all the sports news out there, how can you possibly choose one? Here are a few suggestions:

BBC Sport

The BBC Sport website was launched in 2000 and redesigned in 2003. It incorporated a sidebar and featured a horizontal navigation bar. Its design resembles other BBC websites and focuses on live sports. In addition, the BBC Sport website has an app available for download in the Apple App Store and Google Play Store. Among the features of the BBC Sport app are an easy-to-use search bar, a detailed table of recent results and a live sports section.

The Athletic

The Athletic is a subscription-based sports news website that launched in March 2016. The site began as a free service, but soon began charging subscribers to access ad-free reporting. The site also poached respected sportswriters from other publications and hired a few laid-off industry workers. The athletic has since expanded globally and added a podcast network, selling advertisements. It has also hired writers from Sports Illustrated and Fox Sports.

The New York Times

The New York Times has acquired The Athletic, a sports news website, which will become a subsidiary of the paper. The athletic's founders will remain as co-presidents. Hansmann will be the general manager and Mather the chief operating officer. Combined, these three brands will reach a combined audience of nearly 8 million subscribers. The Times has been a dominant force in the sports news space for more than a century, with a long-standing presence in major sports leagues.

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