A hitherto unsolved mystery left behind by Stephen Hawking

A hitherto unsolved mystery left behind by Stephen Hawking

A new exhibition has opened in London showcasing the work of world-renowned theoretical physicist Stephen

Hawking. The exhibition features significant objects from the scientist’s office that provide insight into the life of a man who has challenged theoretical physics with a playful and imaginative approach.

An exhibition of Stephen Hawking’s work can be seen at the Science Museum in London.

The theoretical physicist suffering from ALS, his communication equipment, his fingerprint-signed receptions, books, photographs, doctoral dissertation, honors, and even the trinkets that can be linked to the cartoon series The Simpson Family are on display.

Professor Stephen Hawking, who has dedicated his life to the mysteries of the cosmos, has left a mystery of his own in the contents of his former office, writes The Guardian.

The Cambridge Theoretical Physicist has kept a board full of cartoon characters, emblems, and equations since a conference in the 1980s, but what it takes to write a lot takes time to decipher.

The plaque was also exhibited for the first time on Thursday as part of a collection of office supplies procured by the London Science Museum.

Juan-Andres Leon, the curator of the exhibition, hopes that participants at the conference on superspace and supergravity in Cambridge more than 40 years ago will go to the exhibition and explain what each sketch and comment means.

The Stephen Hawking at Work exhibition featured a rare copy of the physicist’s 1966 Ph.D.

dissertation, official receptions, and a number of famous memorabilia, including a personalized jacket from the Simpson family, for multiple appearances in the series.

Admission to the museum is free, and the exhibition will be open until June 12.


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