How much do you take care of your face from dirt and pollution? It's crucial to do face clean ups at home for regular cleaning and nourishing. You might hear about salon face D-tan cleanup sessions but not for a simple yet effective treatment you can try out at home. 

This cleanup session helps to remove dirt, pollutants and excess oil. These environmental stressor can make your skin dull and damaged over time if not taken care properly. Skincare is a need that you should consider for healthy and nourished skin. So, here are some simple steps you should follow to properly clean your face and get a flawless face. 

Face Cleanup 

A face cleanup is a very effective beauty treatment which cleans all dirt from the face and leaves a flawless skin. It's super easy to do and less time consuming. 

You can go for only five steps to do a face cleanup at home easily. 

1. Cleansing 

First you have to cleanse your face with your regular face wash. In case you apply makeup, use a makeup remover and cleanse your face properly. After that wash your face with normal water and wipe off with a towel gently.

But sometimes, the skin does not get clean with face wash and makeup remover itself. So don't worry, use facial oil to clean your face and massage in circular motion for a couple of minutes which removes dirt and grime from your face and then wash your face with your regular face wash and pat with a face towel.

2. Steamer 

Steaming is extremely useful when you clean your face, which helps to remove dullness, harmful toxins, dead layers, blackheads, and whiteheads from your face. These are easy steps to steam your face –

Use a face steamer, if you have one. Otherwise fill a bowl with water and heat it until the water is boiling.

Turn off the flame and take the position of your face over the bowl and cover it with a towel. 

Take steam for 5 minutes.

Remember, after steaming let your face cool down. Therefore you can use an ice cube to let your face cool down. 

3. Scrubbing

Scrubbing is an important step to clear dead cells from your face and make it soft and clean. It helps to remove dead skin cells from your skin and then eventually makes leaves smooth dress skin. To scrub your face at home you need only a few ingredients and low effort.

Apply a mix of sugar and honey in equal parts.

Scrub your face for 5  minutes in circular motion and wash your face with normal water. 

You can apply scrub regularly for better results. 

4. Face pack 

Face packs are very beneficial for improving the tone of your skin and to soften it. It removes dirt and excess sebum from the skin deeply. There are different types of face pack available in the market. You can buy anyone based on your skin type. If you don't want to buy a face pack. Don't worry! 

Make a homemade face pack –

You only need one teaspoon gram flour, ½ teaspoon turmeric, 1 ½ teaspoon of rosewater.

Blend the ingredients together and make a smooth and fine paste.

Apply the homemade face pack over your face evenly.

Leave it for half an hour and wash the mask off with cold water and pat dry your face. 

5. Toning 

Toning helps to maintain the hydration and skin tone of your face. So after facepack it'd be very effective to use toner to get fresh skin. It helps refresh the skin and clean the remaining residue if any. You can buy a face toner according to your skin type and also make homemade toner. You only go for a simple steps to tone your face – 

Take a spray bottle. 

Fill chilled rose water in it and apply it to your face. 

You can also use cucumber juice or green tea as toner. 


6. Moisturize 

The last step is to moisturize your face, don't skip it. Applying a face pack on your face makes your face look dry, therefore in this stage a moisturizer helps to hydrate the skin and seal the goodness of your face cleanup and glowing your face for a long time. 

So, you can choose a moisturizer according to your skin type. If you can't buy it, use aloe vera gel as moisturizer to keep your face soft.  

It would be better, if oily skin uses a gel based moisturizer and dry skin uses thicker lotion. 

Note- With these simple face cleanup steps you can get a clean, glowing and fresh skin. But always do a face cleanup at home in a 7 days interval.

Bottom line

This is the 6 simple steps to clean up a routine for healthy, nourished and glowing looking skin. You can try this simply at home but this needs extra effort and time but is worth the hype. A natural and effective treatment is far better than chemical ones therefore these will help with all types of skin. However, we recommend taking professional advice in case of serious skin concerns. 

If you are looking for a beauty salon or spa for experiencing these treatments, then consider online spa booking. With this you can find any nearby spa or salon from the list available in the app. Get the appointment according to available time and visit there accordingly.

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