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The customers'/clients’ demand for exact, qualitative research is increasing as the Expert Network sector's influence on daily business decisions continues to spread. More than 100 users from more than 50 consulting and market research companies across all geographical regions responded to the most recent client survey. The study provided a distinctive view into how Expert Networks could more effectively bridge the gap between customer expectations and customer experience.

Job functions included in the survey ranged from Junior Consultants through Principals and Partners, as well as Research / Knowledge Teams.

Expert Networks Should Prioritize Streamlining Current Processes

Finding the right experts and screening them to assure match quality are still the top issues of Expert Consulting Network users. Consultants stressed these areas of concern while coordinating several Expert Networks. In a similar vein, when asked to appraise Expert Networks, survey participants gave profile presentation and technology (rated 3.5 out of 5) a greater priority than language skills (rated 3.4 out of 5); or additional services (rated 3.0 out of 5).

The survey results show how crucial it is for Consultants to operate seamlessly with Expert Networks. Right from choosing the ideal experts through to making sure that using portals and platforms (technology) is pleasant and easy. Expert Networks should prioritize streamlining current processes to reduce the need for coordination in order to achieve this. And should apply technical advancements when and where they are practical.

Through the survey, some important lessons could be learned about how Consultants can most effectively optimize their project workflows. Because so many Consultancies (from Boutique Consulting firms to Global Management Consultancies) rely on Expert Networks to serve as an extended arm of their project teams. And extract objective, hard-to-find information.

The following best practices are recommended to all Expert Consultant Network users:

  • Design a standard request template and fill it out with the details of the project. Multiple Expert Network iterations will be fewer as a result.
  • Send one email (in bcc) to all the Expert Networks you want to collaborate with on the project rather than multiple ones to streamline communication.
  • Set up a conference call with your top-choice Expert Networks to inform them of your project's schedule and pressing needs. They will be able to prioritize appropriately in this way.
  • Make your choices for the project clear right away. You could mention your preferred method of communication, and how frequently you'd need project updates. Or whether you'd rather work with one person instead of several.
  • Introduce a uniform Excel form that can be used by all suppliers to list expert profiles. This will increase productivity and let you choose the projects that best suit them.
  • For first-time users (such as a new class of Consultants), expert networks may be willing to offer up on-demand, online training programs upon request.

In the end, control for interactions with Expert Networks rests with Expert Cloud Network Consultants. They can tailor the interactions to their workflow by defining the pace, the process, the channels of communication, and the templates.

Flexibility And Personalized Service Approach

According to the survey, Expert Network users' project preferences can vary greatly from one another. For instance, about half of respondents said they would rather receive and review expert profiles communicated “traditionally” by email. The other half, however, are more likely to use online platforms or Excel formats for the same activity.

The project specifications cover a wide range of topics, including customized presentations of expert profiles, individual usage reports, compliance and approval processes, and many others. What therefore is the most important lesson for expert networks? The phrase “one size fits all” is not true. A seamless user experience depends on flexibility and a personalized service approach.

How Technology Can Be Harnessed?

Technology is one of the factors enhancing value for Consultants when working with Expert Networks. In addition to an effective process and a customer-centric approach.

The most popular features of any Expert Network online portal, according to the Expert Network Consulting users, are ordering and filtering of expert profiles per workstream/angle; Direct booking/scheduling of expert calls; Chatting/following up with experts; Booking/downloading a transcript, and Booking/downloading a call recording.

It becomes clear why platform features like ordering expert profiles or scheduling expert calls come first when relating back to the pain points pinpointed by the respondents. Technology has advanced from being a business facilitator to becoming a vital factor in productivity and profitability. Booking phone consultations and other crucial features reduce friction in the process. As does the capability to filter expert profiles depending on workstreams or angles.

The Sum Up

While receiving profiles of vetted specialists on time is the key concern of consultants. Those who haven't chosen their ideal research partners yet find it difficult to coordinate with various networks. Depending on each Consulting Firm's common needs, a Consultant's individual preferences, or even on a case-by-case basis; there are several communication preferences for communicating with Expert Networks.

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