All You Need To Know About Making Money On TikTok

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In this article, we are going to explain how TikTok works and show examples of how companies are getting into this new social network.

TikTok is one of the fastest-growing social networks in the world. According to Datareportal, a website that makes statistical reports, related to the interaction of people with technology, TikTok currently already has 800 million active users per month worldwide and since confinement, the number of adults who use this social network is progressively increasing.

And why are you liking this app so much? Mainly, because of its simple and intuitive design. TikTok is all about short videos and to watch a video you just have to swipe up from the main screen and if you want to watch an old one again just swipe down. In addition, you can “like”, “comment” and “share” the videos on platforms such as WhatsApp.

Another reason TikTok is so viral is because of its easy video creation. Therefore, in this article, we are going to explain how TikTok works and show examples of how companies are getting into this new and successful social network.
To start recording you have to click on the “+” at the bottom of the screen. Once on the recording screen, the camera will open automatically and from there you can add the following options:
It is located at the top of the screen and to include it you must click on “Sounds”. It offers the possibility of adding the music that you like the most, or that fits the content that you want to share.
TikTok has thousands of effects and you can use all of them for free. To add them, click on “Effects” located in the lower-left part of the screen.
Load other images
You can also include images or videos from your gallery. To do so, you just have to click on the bottom right.

Also, before starting to record, on the right side of the camera there is a sidebar with which you can choose whether to have a front or rear camera, whether to set a timer or not and the speed with which you want to record, whether in slow motion or fast and even allows you to apply the beauty mode.

Once you have chosen music and effect, you can start recording by clicking the red button below. In addition, it can be recorded in several takes and when you finish, it will be edited directly. And ready! You already know how TikTok works. Now all that remains is to publish the video you have made, you can check that it can be mentioned and include a hashtag like any other social network.
When the social network is opened, TikTok will show the most recent videos of the application and in them, you can comment, like, share, or follow the creator of the content. Now if you are looking for trends to catch up on and get inspired to create new content, you just have to click on the magnifying glass that says “Trends” at the bottom of the screen. There you can view the hashtags and the most used music of the moment.

TikTok allows users to express themselves in a different and very creative way and that is why more and more companies are joining this social network to present their services and/or products. Here are some examples of businesses sharing content:
One Day Max (ODM) In-Feed Ad or One Day Native Ads
Iberdrola is the world's leading producer of wind energy and its vision is to turn renewable energy into the “utility of the future”, which is why it decided to launch its campaign on TikTok. To guarantee its reach, they spread the campaign on World Environment Day and since it lasted only one day, Iberdrola opted to create a One Day Max (ODM) In-Feed Ad or one-day native Ads, since in this way the Users would find the ad natively in the “For You” feed, creating an organic feel. Excellent option if you want to broadcast natural content and adjust to the usual content of the network.

One Day Max's In-Feed ad generated over 3.6 million impressions and delivered 34% of all video views in 3 seconds. Their engagement rate was 3.44%, prompting TikTok users to join the conversation and show that the community is passionate about the environment.
Top View ad
Vodafone had set up free and exclusive access to a learning platform called ‘Level Up', which was designed to offer professional creative spaces and online learning courses for young people, all as part of their monthly plan. In April 2020, Vodafone decided that this platform could be used by anyone and opted for TikTok to launch its campaign, communicating it through the TopView ad. This ad type delivers a 100% robust experience to all users when opening the TikTok app, providing maximum reach in a full-screen package that features only your brand message. TopView is perfect for delivering immersive campaigns to a specific audience

In addition, they put up an attractive call to action (“Get Started”) which managed to take users to the Vodafone X “Level Up” home page, where students could explore the available courses. Fee details were displayed alongside learning platform information, increasing awareness of their suite of student-only packages.

In just one day, the Vodafone X TopView ad generated more than 1.7 million impressions and more than 350,000 clicks. Nearly half of all viewers watched at least 3 seconds of the video, while more than 40,000 users watched the entire 10s video.
Hashtag Challenge
Menulog is an online food delivery app from New Zealand and Australia and they realized that to make an impact on young people they had to join the TikTok app as they love to participate in dance trends. So they created the Hashtag Challenge #DeliveryDance, inviting users to recreate a dance with the company's jingle ‘Did Somebody Say Menulog' covered by Snoop Dog and the official hashtag. They also added a TopView location and feed ads to the campaign, further amplifying the challenge.

The campaign was a resounding success, with the TopView placement and contributing official creators achieving an 89% lift in ad recall and over 28.9 million impressions on campaign content. Menulog also saw a 35.9% increase in brand association during the campaign period. Official creators got a total of 2 million video views, with an average engagement rate of 19%.

There are many more types of ads but these are by far the most famous and most used on TikTok. We hope we have helped you understand how TikTok works, although remember that if you have questions or need more information, at Biznaga Digital we have a Department specializing in advertising on Social Networks for companies. If you want to receive information about our services, contact us without commitment.

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