Architectural Styles For Building Modern Houses

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When considering a home construction project, the initial and most significant decision is defining your ideal residence. The selection of a cottage design necessitates careful attention to your preferences, the regional context, and several other variables. Certain architectural styles are suitable, whereas others would be inappropriate. Of course, it is almost impossible to understand in detail all types of private houses but getting to know the most popular architectural styles can help you choose the house that is most suitable and comfortable for you.

Classic style

As a rule, classical architecture is associated primarily with something massive, solid, and fundamental. This is understandable because the main source of classics is considered to be ancient culture, from which it adopted its distinctive features: proportionality, symmetry, and, in a sense, ingenious simplicity. Clarity of outline and harmony in every detail is what distinguishes the classic style from all others.

Classical architecture is more often used in the construction of large, permanent houses. Even today, despite the advantage of house designs in Modern architecture Los Angeles styles on the market, classic themes remain in demand and popular. After all, such a building will always look noble and aristocratic. But, before decorating the facade of a house in a classic style, you should make sure that the landscape of the surrounding area is in harmony with it.

Art Nouveau style

Art Nouveau style is some rethinking of classical architecture. It appeared at the end of the 19th century as the embodiment of the idea of ​​​​creating beautiful but, at the same time, functional buildings. Symmetry and dry proportionality in it are replaced by the naturalness and whimsicality of “natural” forms, and a plant theme appears in the design. Completely different materials are used to decorate houses: glass, ceramic tiles, and even bronze. Mosaics and stained glass windows appear on buildings; roofs take on unusual shapes. The appearance of this style in architecture brought something completely new to it. Today, this style has received many branches, which are often used in the construction of houses. And despite the fact that the peak of the popularity of Art Nouveau came a long time ago, even now, one can notice its distinctive features in almost every home.

Minimalism style

Minimalism is not just a style but a whole movement in architecture. The whole essence of this style lies in its name. “Minimal art” is the desire to reduce the number of unnecessary details in architecture, the absence of “clutter.” By the standards of minimalism, any art, including architecture, should be as functional as possible. Minimalism takes its basis from modernism, but it moves away from unusual, ornate lines to the greatest possible simplicity, adherence to the basic rules of composition, the use of natural materials, and a single color scheme. Today, minimalism is developing at an amazing speed, gaining more and more fans and followers.

Scandinavian style

The calling card of all Scandinavian interiors is simplicity and minimalism. The Scandinavian style combines elements of the architecture of the Finns, Norwegians, Swedes, and Danes. Due to harsh winters and short sunny days, residents of these countries had to abandon dark colors in the interior, but they learned to masterfully combine white with other pastel colors. In addition to white, when decorating cottages, brown, beige, and gold are used, and a variety of types of wood are used for decoration. Large panoramic windows are another sign of the Scandinavian style of cottages. Not only are they the main decoration of the house, but they also provide good lighting even on cloudy days.

Modern architecture Los Angeles options for cladding the facade of a Scandinavian-style house are very diverse. The walls of the buildings are sheathed with clapboard or wooden boards, and the top is covered with varnishes and tint solutions. When decorating a facade, it is not necessary to adhere to strict natural monochrome, but the paints should not completely hide the texture of the wood. Designers use black, blue, and dark green for painting.

The facade of a Scandinavian-style house can be decorated after construction is completed. The most important thing is to avoid pretentiousness in the exterior and use natural materials for finishing.

High tech

Most often, the high-tech style is combined with minimalism, which is similar in spirit because they both took their origins from modernism and Japanese architecture, but at the same time, they are in different directions from each other. When combined, these two styles greatly transform any building. In high-tech, you can see the presence of not only straight lines but also very unusual shapes. This style is distinguished by a complete lack of symmetry. Despite this, laconicism and restraint reign here in absolutely everything, both in the decor and in the architecture of the structure itself. Small architectural details are not welcome, and the emphasis is on functionality, practicality, and convenience.

The main color in this style is metallic gray, as well as all the colors that harmoniously combine with it. In the architecture of the house and in the decoration, a lot of metal is also used precisely as a technical material: here, it replaces plastic, glass, and wood.


In conclusion, the choice of Modern architecture Los Angeles architectural style for your modern house is a crucial decision that should align with your preferences, regional context, and practicality. Whether you opt for the classic elegance, artistic charm of Art Nouveau, minimalist simplicity, Scandinavian warmth, or high-tech innovation, your choice defines your home's character. To explore more architectural designs and find the perfect fit for your dream house, visit JGH Architecture today. Your dream home awaits!

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