How to Make Money (on the Internet or not) in 2022? 60 ideas and 90 sites.

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In 2022, all these ideas are still valid, isn't that great?

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However, here is an overview of 58 methods that I have selected for their ease of implementation, or the importance of the potential gains which you can claim.

Note: Some of these methods are only valid for France, but I sometimes give specific links to Belgium, Canada, or Switzerland. If you want to focus on the tips I have specially selected for Belgium, have a look here.
How to earn money on the internet
Even though there are plenty of scams, it is possible to make money on the internet in 2022. Here's a roundup of a few methods you might not have known about.

Do you want to bet? So get started on the turf thanks to Zeturf (PROMO CODE: TAGADA250), a very reliable operator approved by the authorities, which offers you a welcome bonus of up to 250 euros.

If, like me, you want to save €200 on your EDF bill, don't hesitate and call this number 09 70 380 799 (don't forget to mention ABC Argent) or go to this page. Thanks to alternative operators (ENI, Vattenfall, …) you can make big discounts!

Tips! Compare your bank with Panorabanques. Every year the banks change their prices, and often upwards. By comparing your bank, you make your choice according to the offer that suits you and you can save up to €300.
Take Paid Surveys
As the name suggests, this technique consists of answering online surveys or satisfaction surveys. You are then paid several euros by the brands that ordered the panel.

If your real goal is how to get rich, sorry that won't happen by taking paid surveys, but it's an easy way to supplement your income. You can expect to receive around ten euros per site per month.

There are plenty of paid survey sites, including:

  • I say. A very reliable survey site, and pleasant to use. 
  • O'Pignon Marketing pays you up to 3 euros per survey if you are between 18 and 34 years old (in France)
  • Toluna. Attractive interface and fun polls. Payments can be made by bank transfer or gift vouchers.
  • Univox: You will have to register, complete surveys and finally you will earn rewards. If you register now, you can earn $2 for registration.
  • for other countries, see below…

Use Cash Back Sites
The free mobile application of Ebuyclub: the app that gives you money on your purchases at more than 1800 merchants – to save money (Don't forget to enter the nickname of ABC Argent – nicolas106 – to receive a welcome bonus!)

Cashback simply consists of being reimbursed for part of your online purchases. To do this, you register on a cashback site, for example, buy club (this link allows you to earn 5 euros welcome ) and iGraal (this affiliate link allows you to obtain a welcome gift of 10 euros ), and you install the shopping bar on your internet browser. Then, when you make your purchase on Pixmania or Rue Du Commerce, you will automatically have a credit on your iGraal account. In general, the credit returned is between 3% and 40% of the purchase amount, but I have already seen cashback at 50%.

In addition, through my links, receive 5 to 10 euros in your account, as a welcome gift! And know that Graal and eBuyClub are not only available in France, but also Belgium, Switzerland, and elsewhere.

In addition, to encourage you to buy, cashback sites very often offer you promo codes and discounts. For example, at the time of this writing, there is a 10% discount code on all your Sony TV and Home Cinema purchases. So you are a double winner, right?

Here is a non-exhaustive list (there are more than 1400) of iGraal and eBuyClub partners, where you can therefore be reimbursed for part of your purchases and benefit from numerous reduction coupons (examples taken at the time of the last update of this page ):

  • Hifi and Appliances: 
    • FNAC (up to 5% cashback with eBuyClub)
    • Darty (up to 2.5% cashback with iGraal)
    • Cdiscount (up to 5% cashback with eBuyClub)
    • Baker (up to 2.4% cashback with iGraal)
  • Miscellaneous :
    • AliExpress (up to 5% cashback with eBuyClub),
    • Amazon (up to 8% cashback with eBuyClub and up to 7% with iGraal, depending on the item category),
    • eBay (up to 1.5% cashback with iGraal),
  • Travel, trains, and leisure :
    • Expedia (up to 7% cashback with iGraal or eBuyClub),
    • (up to 7.5% cashback with eBuyClub),
    • (up to 4% cashback with iGraal or eBuyClub),
    • SNCF (up to 4% with iGraal),
    • Groupon (up to 11% cashback with eBuyClub)
  • Telephone :
    • Bouygues Telecom (up to €18 cashback with eBuyClub, €15 with iGraal),
  • Fashion and beauty :
    • Galeries Lafayette (up to 3.5% cashback with eBuyClub, 3% with iGraal)
    • La Redoute (up to 3% cashback with iGraal or eBuyClub)
    • Sephora (up to 2% cashback with iGraal or eBuyClub)
    • Yves Rocher (up to 12% cashback with iGraal or eBuyClub)
    • Asos (up to 8% cashback at eBuyClub)
    • Sarenza (up to 5% cashback at eBuyClub)

Read paid emails
Well, I guess you guess what it is. All you have to do is … read emails. As simple as that. Well, most of the time, these emails will lead to a website visitor and an offer sign-up, or you won't get paid.

Again, not enough to buy a Porsche, but a good ten euros per month and site. Sometimes more.

Some people manage to earn enough to pay for a restaurant and a movie every month, casually it's not bad.

Two important tips before signing up: create a new email address just for that, because you might get a lot of spam, and never forget to validate the registration emails after registering for an offer or a contest – otherwise your gain will never be validated.

Here are some sites (valid only for France ), among those that I prefer:

  • Swag Bucks. A site that has just arrived in France and is very popular with Internet users. Swagbucks is a multi-remunerative site that allows you to make ends meet by answering surveys, taking advantage of good deals & cashback, or even by playing games. Swagbucks for free, which also works in these 3 countries.
  • Molino. It was created in early 2015 and is very popular. For my part, this site allowed me to earn 23 euros extra. Also makes it easy to earn money with paid offers, cashback, and product testing. Contests are often organized to increase the possibilities of winning. And finally, sponsorship is advantageous.
  • LoopNet. The youngest was created at the end of February 2016 by the Moolineo team. Offers even more targeted and profitable offers than the latter.

Bet on horses… (yes you read that right!)
Yes, it is possible to make money from the turf. The tiercé, the quarté, the quinté +, does that speak to you?

Plus, you can even do it all online! There are many operators in this niche, but Zeturf (PROMO CODE: TAGADA250), very reliable and approved by the authorities, is currently offering you a welcome bonus that can reach up to 250 euros.
Bet on sports
Surely you thought it was a magic trick, but no, some people make money betting on sports. As you will see below, there are also scams… but if you follow my advice, there will be no worries.

And if you are resident in France, I even offer you this program which will allow you to earn at least 350 euros thanks to sports betting. Lots of people have tried it and loved it. And no need to know about it. 

And if you are wondering which is the best sports betting site, I would tell you that they are all equivalent BUT the site of La Française des Jeux (Parions Sport) stands out in particular because it offers you a refund of up to €100 on your first bet if this one loses!!! You can also take a look at Netbet and its €100 bonus.
Rent on Airbnb and earn €100, €1000, or even more each month
Surely you know that. Airbnb allows you to rent your property for short or long periods and offer people exceptional travel experiences. It is a community platform where travelers introduce themselves and owners describe their accommodation, where evaluations allow them to gain confidence with an interlocutor, and above all, most importantly, where relationships are real, pleasant, and personalized.

On Airbnb, therefore, you can offer your accommodation to travelers. To find out how much it can earn you, check out this simulator. And you will see that it pays off all over the world!

For example, a rental night in Lyon is sold between 50 and 120 euros, depending on location and size. An easy way to grow your latest acquisition.

This money takes a bit of work. You must register, take nice photos, put a title and a description that makes you want to rent (and which describes the place precisely)… and publish your ad (it's free!)… And for the price per night, I recommend that you put a price slightly lower than the market, to get your first reservations quickly. Anyway, you can find lots of other tips in my complete article on Airbnb, and find some tips to showcase your accommodation.
Sign up for paid offers
They can sometimes be confused with paid email sites (mentioned above) but I decided to separate them.

Here it is a question of responding to offers.

For example, you must subscribe to a newsletter, participate in a contest, or even subscribe to a paid service (generally free for the first few days). And you get paid back!

As for the ideas above, the sums are not fabulous but it's super simple.

I recommend several sites:

  • Molino, which I mentioned above, can be liked as a site for paid offers. According to FoxyRating, this site has already brought in tens of thousands of euros for its users.
  • Loonea, which I also discussed above.

Invest in real estate
For more and more people, real estate has become an important source of income … If not the only one. Some people drop everything to devote themselves entirely to their housing stock. They are not real estate agents, they are just clever little guys who know how to find good deals, buy them at a reduced price and get rent from the first month that covers the loan, the notary's fees, and any repairs.

There are so many different ways to invest in real estate: some choose apartment buildings, others do seasonal rentals, and still, others devote themselves to small properties… All the ways are valid.

What is certain is that if you do it well, it can pay off. But you have to get some misconceptions out of your head:

  • No, it is not at the time of resale that you will earn money. Yes, you will earn some, but the idea of ​​many investors is to earn money as soon as the contract is signed, by buying a property for a price lower than its real value.
  • No, you don't have to be rich like Croesus to buy. Some properties trade for a few tens of thousands of euros, or even less. And if you have a clean record, your bank will fund the entire loan for you, and you won't need to bring any cash.

For all this, you have to find the rare pearl. The property that you can rent is much more expensive than the monthly payment of the loan. The one that will allow you to avoid rental holidays as much as possible. It doesn't necessarily need to be right in the center of Paris or have a sumptuous terrace. The important criterion is profitability.
Show off on Youtube
If you don't know who Norman and Cyprien are, you're probably from another planet. These two young men put themselves in front of their respective cameras and filmed themselves commenting on the idiocy of people or the news, in an obviously humorous or even cynical tone. And since Youtube is nice, they were offered a partnership that allows them to earn around 1 euro for 1000 views.

Norman is said to have generated over $500,000 just from his Youtube videos.

Norman even made a video parodying these so-called miracle solutions to earn 10,000 euros in a few hours.

Incredible, right?

So if laughter isn't your forte, don't worry. There are hundreds or even thousands of subjects that can be covered in the video and bring in traffic: seduction, cooking, marketing advice, hidden cameras like those ofRémi Gaillard.

Create an online store and sell in dropshipping
Dropshipping is the fashion of the last few years about online business.

Traditionally, to sell physical goods, it was necessary to have the stock at home or in a warehouse, but dropshipping takes a completely different approach.

You have absolutely no stock and the supplier takes care of the delivery. You only play the role of intermediary, thanks to the online store that you will have set up. You, therefore, do not have to manage deliveries, customer returns, and above all, you do not have to buy a lot of stock (without knowing if you will be able to sell it), since this is on the side of the supplier who will send the product on demand.

Well, I didn't say it was going to be easy. Setting up a successful online store takes a lot of time and is very complicated. Many have tried and failed. Fortunately, many of them share their experience on the Internet. You can therefore draw inspiration from their mistakes so as not to fall into the same pitfalls.

For example, in this post on my blog, you will have some tips on dropshipping.

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