SEO or PPC – Which Is Better For Your Online Business?

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SEO or PPC – which is a better digital marketing technique for the online business? This is one very common topic on which people usually make a debate. But today, we are not here to start another debate on the same topic. Instead, we want you to conclude with a better marketing technique that can help your business to grow online.

Here in this article, we have put down the advantages of both the marketing techniques separately. Instead of struggling between SEO and PPC management services in Delhi, Kolkata, or other nearby regions, give this article a read. This will help you to learn which marketing practice is better for your business health and in which condition.

Let us dig inside the two marketing approaches.


SEO – For generating more organic traffic

  1. Building brand credibility: SEO is truly designed to set up strong brand credibility and gain the trust of the online audience. With a successful SEO tactic, you can bring your site to the first page of the Google search results. This allows users to think about the brand over and over again.

Brands attaining the top positions on the search results are believed to be highly credible and trustworthy. This improves the online reputation score of the brand, delivering strong benefits and boosting more organic traffic to the online store.

2. Attaining a positive branding benefit: As we said in the previous point, SEO is particularly needed to ensure brand credibility and to build a strong brand reputation online. For attaining a positive brand image, improving your site with positive SEO techniques are truly necessary.

This happens because in SEO you are dealing with high-performing keywords, attractive SEO content, good page loading speed, appealing meta data, SEO-friendly title tags, and so on. SEO takes care of technical, on-page, and off-page optimization factors to gain amazing benefits like high ranks. Though this takes time, it lasts for a long.

3. An improved return on investment: Suppose you run a strong SEO campaign and you succeed in achieving the highest-ranking of the search engine result page. As a consequence, more the brand becomes visible to the audience.

Higher rankings trigger high engagement. This in turn improves the business ROI over other traditional forms of marketing. It is the best cost-effective method to gain better ROI by investing in SEO services in Delhi or other selected places around you.

PPC – For improving brand exposure

  1. Get improved position on search engine result page: PPC or pay-per-click advertising method help businesses to get an improved position on the search engine result page. This happens within a few minutes.

PPC itself has the potential to make the site appear at the top of the Google results. No matter what type of ad you want to display, you can enjoy high rankings with minimum efforts. Therefore, compared to SEO, PPC brings fast and effective rank-oriented results in the selected time period.

2. Better brand visibility: PPC marketing practices are designed to enhance brand visibility and exposure. By bringing the brand ad at the top or absolute top of the Google results, it tries to highlight the brand to the right audience.

More the brand is visible at the top, more prospective buyers love to get engaged by clicking the ad and viewing the entire ad content. It draws in more prospects, builds high conversions, and boosts the overall ad performance.

3. Build a targeting campaign: PPC ad campaign is a targeting campaign. It implies you can target the right audience by running a targeted ad. You can do this easily by using match-type keywords that are categorized based on a different set of audiences.

Instead of focusing on short-tail keywords, PPC ad experts work on long-tail keywords with exact match and phrase match types. They avoid the broad match keywords in order to avoid audiences who are not interested in your brand products or services. To reach out to the right audience, PPC campaigns are worth investing in.


Both SEO and PPC are the two significant pillars of digital marketing. You just can’t choose a PPC marketing company in Delhi or any other nearby region and avoid doing SEO. Remember, SEO and PPC have their own set of benefits and own set of reasons to be incorporated in a business marketing strategy. Hence, choosing a better one is absolutely a bad thought. What you can do is integrating both SEO and PPC methods in one marketing campaign. This will give you a great breakthrough in your business.

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