The main difference – nepotism vs. chronicity

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Nepotism and Chronism are two forms of favoritism between which the most important differences can be identified. Let\'s define the two words first. Nepotism is the favoritism shown by relatives or family members, especially by giving them jobs. Chronicity, on the other hand, is the favoritism that friends show when designating new positions. As you can see, while nepotism focuses on relatives; mainly family members, Chronicity focuses on friends . This is the key difference the two words. With the help of this article, we will take a deeper look at the two concepts and understand the difference that lies between the two words.
What is nepotism ??
According to the Oxford English Dictionary, Nepotism is the favoritism shown by relatives or family members . You may have heard of many examples where family members or relatives have been given the opportunity even though they do not have the required qualifications or qualifications. Nepotism occurs in many contexts, such as organizations, politics, and sometimes even religious contexts.

The word nepotism was originally rooted in the Middle Ages, where key religious figures such as bishops or popes appointed their relatives to positions. In the modern world, however, nepotism clearly manifests itself in a political environment where politicians prefer their own family members and relatives. This mostly involves job creation or job creation for family members and the provision of special privileges.

Nepotism creates unfavorable conditions in the workplace as it motivates truly talented and skilled people as they realize that their promotion and career growth are hampered. This can even lead to low work performance and workforce change.
What is chronicity ??
Chronicity is the favoritism that friends show when appointing new positions. Like nepotism, chronicism is very common in organizations. However, studies highlight that both nepotism and chronicity are higher in the public sector than in the private sector. It should be mentioned that even in the private sector, favoritism exists in the same school, the same university or college, and so on. For..

In chronicity, the person who has power abuses his power and promotes a friend to a position even though he is incapable of that position. Some believe that in addition to the discount for a friend, the real reason for such acts is an ally. Chronicity can also occur in political and organizational contexts. Sometimes, chronicity in a political context is the result of a political program designed to promote a weaker individual who is unable to threaten his power. As you can see, there is a clear difference between nepotism and chronicity. This can be summarized as follows.
What is the difference between nepotism and chronism ??
Definitions of nepotism and chronism:
Nepotism: Nepotism is the favoritism that relatives show, especially by giving them jobs.

cronyism: Chronicism is the favoritism that friends show when designating new positions.
Characteristics of nepotism and chronism:

Nepotism: In nepotism, favoritism is related.

cronyism: In chronicism, favoritism is shown to friends.

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