What’s The Best Social Media To Host Your Videos?

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There are many social medias out of there.

But we already curated top four social media channels that you can use to promote your business, especially for video content.

  1. Facebook page
  • It’s better for a company to have Facebook Group Page rather than a personal page, so that people just need to ‘join’ or click ‘like’ button, and the company also no need to worry if their page is full of friends.
  • Any companies can have this account, even a non-profit organization.
  1. Twitter
  • with twitter we also can use hashtags which people around the world can search by using them.
  • there will be some trending topics in a moment, if the topics are enable us to give some comments or review, it will be an advantage (indirectly, we can promote our account in a moment)
  1. YouTube
  • Put your explainer video here
  • Make a tutorial video (could be how to wear your product, or you explain something in a  graphic/table of content) of your product (in this case, only several companies which possible to do so)
  • You also can make some videos that are related to your company, marketing explanation, etc.
  • You can customize channel on YouTube.
  1.   Instagram
  •  Some companies will really need Instagram, especially if they need to share their product’s catalog
  •  Instead of cataloging, your company may also post an explainer video.
  •  some photos of your company’s product also/or activity
  •  some motivation words in related field of your company, etc.
  •  also can use hashtags to promote your business

You can sort out by priority while using those four social media. To get the better result for your campaign, check out this video marketing checklist by Breadnbeyond.

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