Ask For Money From A Sugar Daddy

 Ask For Money From A Sugar Daddy

Ask For Money From A Sugar Daddy, Try not to bring up this topic. A real and interested SD usually brings up this topic, asking you what you want. The easiest way to do this is to address the issue indirectly by asking if you had prior arrangements. Ask them how it went, what were the terms, what was the relationship like, and what was the assignment agreement.

If you haven't made prior arrangements, keep in mind that people are more likely to answer an uncomfortable question after being asked a more comfortable series of questions, so start the discussion with POT questions like, “What would it be like? the perfect offer for you? “” How often would you like us to meet? ” Keep asking questions about the deal, and then ask what range of tasks is right for you.

If it's too low, rebut something like “Oh, I was thinking more about…”. Don't discount what you think is fair, ask about what's right for you.

eight-. Get what suits you

This is a key point that all SBs should always remember: asking for help is not giving charity. You agree on the appointment of a number of services that you are going to provide.
And SD may be different, but they are not financially stupid. Your SD does not give you money because he is a kind being who has come on his white horse to make you your princess. He gets something in return and he knows it. He is reciprocated, and you please him and make him happy.

Some SDs may express shock or surprise when you announce your task range. Some will even ask what you plan to do with all that money, as if you have to justify allocating it. Don't justify what you spend your allowance on, it's really up to you.

While sometimes a sugardating relationship progresses to become true love, keep in mind that at first it has to be like this: He gives you a discount on your time and your ministry.

9-. You must be ready to turn the page

Some SBs may disagree with us on this, but we have this rule: if a possible SD does not align with the requested appointment (which is reasonable and within what we know is possible with their income range), politely end dinner and strike out him from the list of potential.


In our experience, men who know the price of sugar babies are willing to pay for it. They know you're worth it. They want what you offer. And just like companies that want to hire the best talent, these SDs are ready to give you what you ask for.

These people are making longer-term investments because they already know it pays off. We do not recommend asking or trying to convince SD to give you what you want. If he does not understand that you deserve it, it still will not be a great SD.
And if you settle for less than you want, you won't be happy enough to make him happy. This is a two-way street. Their needs must be met.

ten-. Exceptions

At the same time, sometimes you can come across a POT that you have great momentum with… but they don’t earn enough to give you the perfect amount.
In such cases, we would advise going with your favorite SD, even if its content is slightly less than ideal. sugar dating is about more than money, and a good deal is more important than completing a big task

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