How to file an insurance claim for a company

With the deadline for income tax declaration approaching, which ends on April 30, doubts about the process increase. In this sense, medical expenses are one of the main points of concern for citizens, including those involving plan or insurance in the area . After all, how to declare Deductible health insurance reimbursement in the 2023 income tax?

To help you successfully overcome this bureaucratic step, we have listed the main guidelines and care in sending information. Take note!

Health expenses: after all, what can be declared? 

First, it is important to clarify that the health expenses of the taxpayer and his dependents have no deduction limit. This means that the rebate of the value is integral, different from what happens with education expenses.

Thus, expenses with laboratory tests, hospitals, medical consultations, dentists, psychologists, physiotherapists, occupational therapists, radiological services, orthopedic/dental prostheses and orthopedic appliances can be deducted.

For the full deduction, it is critical to prove all expenses as directed. Therefore, experts advise keeping all payment receipts for 5 years. In this way, taxpayers protect themselves in case they are summoned by the Tax Authorities.

Beware of the fine mesh: not everything can be declared 

Please note: not all medical expenses can be declared. Medicines, aesthetic procedures/treatments, vaccines, hospitalization, expenses with masseurs, glasses, contact lenses and others are costs that cannot be deducted from the IR.

Health plan and income tax declaration: how does it work? 

People who pay for private health plans can deduct the amounts spent on income tax 2022.

In this case, all types of plans are valid, including family/individual and collective membership plans (cooperative plans, unions, among others).

It is worth noting that it is necessary to declare the amounts reimbursed by the health care provider. This situation occurs when there are costs for hospitalizations, exams, consultations and other types of private medical assistance .

It is also interesting to remember that all health insurers must provide a complete report of reimbursed medical expenses.

This care ends up facilitating the process for taxpayers, who do not need to store all the health service notes accumulated during the year.

How to declare health plan reimbursement in the 2022 income tax? 

The first care is to file the income tax return in the complete model. Only then will it be possible to deduct the total amount of expenses.

It must be borne in mind that each taxpayer must declare only their own medical expenses (those incurred and reimbursed in their name).

That way, if you have dependents, you'll need to include them in your annual statement, and only then detail health expenses on their behalf.

In business plans, the taxpayer must deduct the amounts he himself paid, and not the amount invested by the company.

Declaration step by step

Health insurance expenses must be reported in the “Payments Made, code 26 – Health Plans in Brazil” form.

There, you must fill in the name and CNPJ of the health operator, as well as the full amount paid in the calendar year and the amount refunded.

Here's how to declare the health plan refund in the 2019 income tax:

  1. At the time of declaration, select one of the codes related to the type of medical service used in the “Payments Made” menu, which is related to the expenditure disbursed in the health plan or insurance;
  2. Afterwards, inform if the amount was spent and reimbursed to you or a dependent. In the latter case, do not forget to also inform the name of the dependent;
  3. Then, the system will request data such as the name of the company or professional that provided the service, as well as its CNPJ (if a legal entity) or CPF (if an individual);
  4. Finally, below this last information, fill in the “Valor Pago” field with your investment in the health service. In the “Non-Deductible Portion/Refunded Amount” field, enter the amount you received as reimbursement for your health plan or insurance.

So, did you like the content? We hope we have helped you with the main information about the reimbursement of health insurance in the 2022 income tax.


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