How to hack a phone with the AndroidRat program?

How to hack a phone with the AndroidRat program?

Have you ever heard the name of the AndroRat or AndroidRat program? The android root is a familiar term for those who are curious about phone hacking. This program is used to hack Android phones.

Hacking a phone is not legal, and according to the law, people are required to protect the privacy of other people, both online and in the real world. However, in this article, in order to increase the awareness of people who are interested in information security, we introduce the AndroidRat program and how to work with it. Stay with us.

What is Android Rat?

Android Rat stands for Android Remote Access Tool. android software is basically mobile phone hacking and spying software. This software is a type of Trojan that appears in the form of other software such as games and useful applications. Then it sends the user's information to the hacker using the back door.

Malware such as Trojans and keyloggers are among the most common methods of hacking information and internet accounts. People who do not have much knowledge in the field of hacking and programming manage to penetrate using tricks like AndroRat.

The important thing about Trojans, including the Andrew Root Trojan malware, is that this program is displayed to the victim in the form of another software, and the user does not know that the program is malicious. Immediately after installation, the malicious program hides in the victim's phone and continues its activity in the most hidden mode possible (that is, sending phone information to the hacker).

Since the user does not notice the installation of this program, he may not notice the presence of malware on the phone for a long time. On the other hand, these programs cannot be deleted easily, and to eliminate them, it is better to factory reset the Android phone.

How to work with AndroRat

You need high speed internet to start working with AndroRat. Connect to high-speed and uninterrupted internet and follow the steps below:

  1. First, you need a place (on the Internet) to send the information obtained from the AndroidRat software. For this purpose, you need a host. To create a host with the desired name, enter the no site and create it.
Enter the no ip site and create your own host.
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