Hacking has two sides: ethical and intrusive. When a person is willing to allow someone to hack their phone, for security reasons or to remove system vulnerabilities, it is called ethical hacking. If a person hacks a phone to obtain personal information without the owner's consent, it is known as intrusive or illegal hacking. Learning how to hack an Android phone remotely with spyote tutorial can be a legal process as long as the other person agrees with you that they poke their nose into her communication device. Here are some ways that teach you how to hack an Android phone remotely.

How to hack an Android phone remotely using spy apps

You can use spy apps to track the activity and even the location of an Android phone. This is very useful when parents want to keep an eye on their children. This can also be useful for those people who like to be virtually close to loved ones. Cyberbullying has become a serious problem and apps like these can be helpful in blocking excessive negativity from the online world.

One of the best apps to use is mSpy. makes remote hacking of android phone much easier and convenient. Below are the main features of the mSpy app:

  • Calls – The app allows you to keep track of all incoming calls and caller ID and also provides timestamps of every call received on the android phone.
  • Messages – You can have access to all incoming, outgoing and even deleted messages on your phone, along with the time stamps and messenger ID. 
  • Social Media Activity – You can track owner activity on different social media apps like Facebook, Whatsapp, Twitter , Instagram and also different dating apps. 
  • GPS – It will help you understand how to hack someone's Android phone remotely and also know their exact location at a specific time. You can also learn about the places they have visited in the past. 
  • Browsing history – As long as the person is not in incognito mode, you can know their browsing history, the time spent on a specific site, and the type of content they have viewed. 
  • Media – You can find out about the photos and videos that have been sent or received on your phone. 
  • Other Phone Activity – You can also learn about someone's activity on built-in apps like Calendar, Email, different Wi-Fi networks, installed apps and more. 

And here is the step guide on how to hack an Android phone remotely using the mSpy app:

Step 1 : Start by purchasing the mSpy subscription . You can go with the one that suits your needs. 

Step 2 : Then create an account by verifying a functional email address to receive instructions. You can choose to work via Mac and Windows too – the app works well with both operating systems.

Step 3 : Go to the target Android device and disable Play Protect on Play Store before launching the app. Also, disable the “Scan for threats from apps” option.

Step 4 : After purchase, a link to your email ID will be sent to download mSpy. Paste that link into the address bar of the Android device. Then Download the app.

Step 5 : Once you have downloaded the app, open it and accept the terms and conditions along with the license agreement. ‘Allow all permissions' on the phone and proceed. Then enter the registration code. 

Step 6 : The installation is now complete and you can start monitoring.

Now the app is on the target phone and you can start tracking the owner of the android phone. 

How to remotely hack an Android phone with Kali Linux

If you want to know how to hack an Android phone remotely using a combination of tools, Kali Linux is the best choice for you. This is a Debian operating system which is especially used by ethical hackers to scan any device for security purposes, advanced penetration control and even network analysis. It is absolutely free and has around 600 tools to use, is also available in multiple languages, and has open source code that hackers can modify for convenience. It also works with ARM, ARMEL and ARMHF devices. 

Limits –

If you are a beginner who is learning how to remotely hack an Android phone with no previous experience, then Kali Linux can be difficult to understand. It is mainly used for penetration checks, so the tools are advanced and complicated. 

How to hack an Android phone remotely using CMD

With the help of the cmd commands on your laptop, you can examine the activity of an Android phone. This is one of the best methods that teach you how to hack an Android phone from a computer remotely . Using an app or command prompts, you will initially send a link or download an apk file to your Android device. When the person clicks on it, you will have access to their phone. Using your laptop or PC, you can enter common “cmd” prompts in the coding space and access all calls, messages, social media exchanges and even know the location of the person. 

Limitation –

If you don't have a solid understanding of programming and don't understand computer languages, this method can be a huge headache. 

How to hack an Android phone with phishing

If you want to know how to remotely hack an Android phone easily, then Phishing is the right method for you. This process involves creating a web page that embeds your malware. The link must be realistic and short. You can then embed this webpage as a hyperlink in your text messages or even send an email to the person who has the target phone. As soon as they click the link from your phone, you'll have access to the content and activities that use your phone. 

Limits –

It entirely depends on the person opening the link to the embedded webpage. If they use another phone (not the target phone) or a device to open the email / message, you won't have the unlimited access you wanted. 

How to hack an Android phone using fake ads    

False advertisements can easily be included on a social media page, the websites they see, or even as simple pop-ups on their phone. These are very pushy and keep hitting the person (pretty much obviously!) Until they click on it. When it comes to Android phones, even an accidental click would be enough. Once you get the click, you will have free access to the device and you can easily hack the contents of your smartphone. The fake advertising technique is also used by hackers to deliver destructive malware or vulnerabilities into an Android device. They are very common with computers but can also be used for Android devices. 

Limits –

People have become more aware of false advertisements and often make an effort to avoid clicking on them. So, if the Android owner doesn't want you to track his activities, he might find a way around these fake advertisements. 

How to hack an Android phone with a Cloak & Dagger attack

This method aptly uses the “app permissions” feature on a phone. Using the Cloak & Dagger attack, a person can easily steal information on the phone, decide what can be displayed on the screen, initiate secret app installations, and even change what the phone manager sees. For this to happen, SYSTEM_ALERT_WINDOW and BIND_ACCESSIBILITY_SERVICE permissions must be granted to the hacker, however the Android user must not. Once this is done, it can manipulate all the other permissions on the phone and it creates a virtual confusion. Gets administrator privilege and can examine security PINs and passwords. 

Limits –

The vulnerability rate of each Android model is different when using the Cloak & Dagger Attack method. For example, the Android 7.1.2 model is only 7.1% vulnerable while Android 6.0.1 is 31.2% vulnerable. 

Is it legal to hack someone's Android phone ?

Generally, it is illegal to spy on anyone's phone without their permission. However, you can learn how to hack someone's Android phone remotely if the legal laws allow for action. Here are two cases where you can monitor someone's activities: 

  • Children : You can monitor the activity of your underage children and protect them from cyberbullying. In this case, it is legal to hack your child's Android device. 
  • Workforce Tracking : In many countries it is legal to track employee activities, the time they spend in front of screens and the sites they are visiting, to improve work efficiency. However, you can only do this during business hours.

As long as the other person doesn't have a problem with you looking at their personal stuff, it's okay to consider hacking. And in case you want to recover lost information or recover compromised accounts, Ethical Hacking is one of the best choices. 

How to protect your Android phone from being hacked ?

While others are learning how to hack an Android phone using another Android phone . You can learn how to protect your device from unwanted intrusion: 

  • Keep changing your passwords and Pins frequently.
  • Do not save your bank account details or access codes on your mobile.
  • Don't use any unsecured WiFi even if it's free, especially in public places.
  • Regularly delete your web browser history, clear the cache and delete all accumulated cookies.
  • Never leave your phone unattended and watch out for signs such as overheating, fast running out of charge, and automatic shutdown.
  • When you're not using it, turn off Bluetooth. 
  • You can install security apps that will alert you when someone is trying to hack your device. 


These are some of the ways you can use to hack any Android mobile. But as you learn how to hack an Android phone remotely , you understand that you are liable to legal action if you do it without the consent of the Android owner. So, use these tricks to safeguard your loved ones or to save someone from trouble instead of making trouble for them.

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