Is the Chrome Reporter tool safe to use?

Is the Chrome Reporter tool safe to use?

Is the Chrome Reporter tool safe to use? As a user, you may be apprehensive about privacy. If you are not sure about the privacy of your network, you can check the authenticity of the tool by simply moving your cursor over the .exe file. You may notice that the component is digitally signed by Google with the file description as Chrome Cleanup Tool. So this tool is completely safe. It is worth mentioning that the reporting tool does not have any network communication. The only job of this tool is to inform Chrome about software that may not be working conventionally with the Chrome browser.

Chrome Software Reporter Tool vs Chrome Cleanup Tool

In other words, the Software reporter tool is associated with the Chrome cleanup tool. Yes, you have understood correctly. The two tools are identical, so you may be wondering what could be the need to have them as a separate tools. According to Google, the software reporter tool reports the scans to Chrome, and based on the scan reports, the Chrome browser prompts the user to remove the unwanted software via the Chrome cleanup tool.

While the tool helps remove obstacles that could hamper the browser experience, many users are mainly concerned about the huge CPU consumption when running the tool in the background. The tool could run for approximately 20 minutes, which could slow down your other activity on the system. It's worth noting that unless you run the offending third-party software on a regular basis, this tool may not be the source of the intrusion.

Disable the Google Chrome Software Reporter tool

You will find the Software Reporter Tool under the following path in Windows 10 and earlier versions of Windows:

Although it is straightforward and fairly straightforward to remove, uninstall or delete the contents of the entire folder or rename the executable file, doing so only offers temporary relief as Google pushes the Software Reporter tool back into the system every time it is updated. the web browser.

Therefore, a more viable option is to remove the permissions so that no user has access to the folder.

To do this, do the following

Right-click on the SwReporter folder and select Properties from the menu.

Then, in the Properties dialog that appears, switch to the Security tab.

Next, select Advanced and choose the “ Disable Inheritance ” option.

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