Pontiac car at the movies

Pontiac car at the movies

The Pontiac Firebird was featured in the movie Racketeer. Crimson, but he wasn't driving. She brought a bulldozer.
The Pontiac Aztek is driven by the main character of the “Breaking Bad” series, Walter White.
The 1966 Pontiac GTO is going to be presented to his sister from him for a wedding, but then, forced to go about his business from him, the main character of the movie “The Knight of the Day” June Havens, played by actress Cameron Diaz.

Pontiac lineup



The design of the 1967 Pontiac GTO coupe has become a tradition for all cars of this type. These cars often came out as winners during Hollywood races.

Pontiac grand am
The Pontiac Grand AM is one of Pontiac's most popular models. The car has a rich history. The first generation of the Grand AM was introduced in 1973. The novelty was based on GM's midsize platform and had a fairly high position in the company's model range. So far, five generations of Grand AM have entered the market.
The last fifth-generation Pontiac Grand AM debuted in 1999. The model was offered in two body types: sedan and coupe. Production of sedans was completed in 2004 and the last coupe rolled off the assembly line at the end of 2006. The car's heir will be a fundamentally new Pontiac G6.
The Pontiac Grand AM has a very roomy and roomy saloon…Four passengers can be accommodated in the car without any problem. The undoubted advantage of the car is its spacious trunk with a volume of 415 liters.
The Pontiac Grand AM is based on the popular GM Epsilon platform.
The basis for the cars of the first years of production was a 2.4-liter four-cylinder engine with a capacity of 152 hp. The most powerful versions were equipped with a 3.4-liter six-cylinder engine with more than 170 hp. In 2002, the outdated gasoline four was replaced by a 140-hp 2.2-liter engine. Thanks to its modern design, the motor is very efficient.
Pontiac Aztec
The Pontiac Aztec is one of GM's first midsize crossovers. American dealers were obsessed with the success of Japanese parquet jeeps like the Toyota RAV-4 and Honda CRV in the American domestic market. To compete with the upstart Japanese and it should be Aztek. A rather impressive amount was spent on the development and advertising of the new car. The first serial model
prototype debuted in 1999 at one of the North American auto shows. The car received rave reviews from visitors and the automotive press, and concern few doubted the new model's success. The first production cars
appeared in 2001. The novelty immediately attracted attention with its unusual and extravagant appearance. Almost every detail of the Pontiac Aztecs broke with the usual ideas about the design of American cars. The cut shape went quite well with the big arches and the sharp cut of the C-pillar. But in 2005 the production of the model did not stop.
The car was equipped with only one engine – a 3.4-liter V6 gasoline engine. Thanks to a very modern design, the engine had a good performance: 185 hp. at 5200 rpm and a torque of 268 Nm at 4000 rpm. Wheel drive was carried out by an electronically controlled 4-speed automatic transmission.

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