Yahoo! Mail is an email service that is broadly known and used by millions of active users to carry out their daily email activities. Yahoo is compatible with iOS, Android, Windows, and macOS operating systems. Yahoo is a structural email service that is packed with attractive and functional features. Amongst a number of all convenient features like spam alerts, reply-to alerts, phishing alerts, Mail forwarding alerts, and more, it is like the signature feature. This signature feature lets to add one segment of information. This information includes the user’s name, contact details, phone number, company’s website, user’s designation, etc.

This feature can prove to be quite essential as it will save you the trouble to write the same information over and over again. Rather, it will be added automatically to the end of your email. Many Yahoo mail users are still unaware of this feature, and many that are aware often end up with the question, how I can change my Yahoo Mail Signature. To solve this problem for you, our experts have collected and presented this piece of information so you can find easy solutions and have a comfortable experience throughout. You will learn how to change signature on Yahoo mail, disable, or add a signature to your Yahoo Mail account in this blog.


Adding a signature to Yahoo mail is an elementary task; you can execute it with a few small steps. Adding a signature will enable you to send emails with a complete set of the sender’s information at the end of the email. This makes it easier for the sender as well as the receiver, as the information exchanged is valuable. To add signature to Yahoo mail, follow the instructions mentioned below:

  • Start by opening your browser on your desktop or your smart phone to go to the official Yahoo login page. Upon landing on the official Yahoo! Mail page, enter your correct credentials in both the username and password columns and log in to your account.
  • When you land on the main inbox page after logging in to your account, click on the settings symbol placed at the top-right of the page to reveal a menu.
  • In this menu, select ‘See more settings’ to further click on the Write Email option to modify the changes.
  • Toggle the signature slider to enable Yahoo mail signature, then type your signature in the text box below as you like
  • Ensure you check the ‘Append a signature to the email you end’ option, save the changes, and the signature will be added to your Mail every time you send out emails.

The antecedent instructions are the way to add signature to Yahoo mail. As mentioned earlier, adding a signature is an extremely easy task to execute.


This segment is applicable when you have already added a signature in the past, and now you only need to change (or edit) signature. If your query is, How can I change my Yahoo Mail signature? You can complete this task by following the instructions below.

  • Open Yahoo Mail on your laptop, desktop, or smart phone to modify the changes as required, click on the settings symbol placed at the top of the page, and then click on More Settings
  • Select the Writing email option to reveal more options, locate the signature options under it, and toggle the slider to the right (until turned blue) to enable Signature on your account
  • Next, click on the text box below it to edit the signature, make the changes in the signature that you wish to make and once you are satisfied with the same, click on Save changes
  • Now when  you compose your next email; you will see that the edited signature is added to the email.

The aforementioned instructions are for how to change signature on Yahoo mail. You can change Yahoo mail signatures at any time.


You can disable Yahoo mail signature by following the three simple steps below

  • Open Yahoo mail on a browser or on your smart phone, and select the Settings symbol placed at the top of the page, and then click on More settings to reveal all settings offered by Yahoo
  • Now look for writing email options and find the Signature option on the list; the signature option includes all settings related to changing, adding, resetting, and disabling the signature
  • To disable the signature, toggle the slider next to Signature to the left (turned grey), and the signature will not appear at the end of the emails anymore

This way, you can disable Yahoo Mail Signature quickly. As mentioned earlier, the signature can prove to be extremely helpful and time-saving when you are sending emails every now and then. You can edit, reset, add, or disable signature at any time – as Yahoo allows its users to do. You can find more information related to Yahoo and other email service providers like Gmail, Microsoft Outlook, AOL, Thunderbird, etc.

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