Satin Stickers

Have you seen those bright, colorful Satin Stickers? They're the perfect way to capture children's attention, who are more likely to be drawn in by these mesmerizing objects than anything else. We at Entre Label provide you with different kinds of stickers to promote your brand. But before you run out and buy these stickers for your promotional needs, there are a few things to know about them.

Things To Know About Satin Stickers

  1. Satin Stickers are made from a fabric-like material laminated onto paper or plastic. They are, of course, shiny, but they are not made from real fabric.
  2. They can come in various shapes and sizes to best suit whatever you want them to do for your brand. Rectangle stickers are best for labeling products or places, while round stickers are great for drawing attention quickly to products or packaging at trade shows or conventions. You can also get custom oval stickers if you want a shape all your own.
  3. Satin Stickers can be expensive, but they are also extremely durable and can be used repeatedly if you want. That doesn't mean we recommend you buy multiples, though. Testing the product before buying a large quantity is always a good idea.
  4. They are not permanent, meaning they will come off most surfaces after some time as long as they are not exposed to extreme heat or water. They are, however, a great way to promote your brand without putting in the effort of labeling your products or places.
  5. Satin Stickers come in all sorts of colors and can be printed with just about any design you want. They are not only perfect for promoting your brand at tradeshows and conventions, but they are also extremely popular for party favors and goodie bags. 
  6. They will not transfer to the product or place you put them on. That is great for labeling products meant to stay pristine, like electronics or expensive machinery. It's also good for places like hospitals and schools where children may run around and play with the things around them. 

Advantages of Matte Stickers Over Normal Stickers

  1. Matte stickers are not as flashy, colorful and “garish” as satin stickers. They have a matte finish, and although they do not stick to every surface like satin stickers will, they are much more durable and should last much longer.
  2. They are translucent, making it harder to see through them. You cannot see through a normal sticker but can with a matte sticker. That makes it harder for people to know what your business is offering or who your product or brand is.
  3. These stickers are cheaper than normal stickers. You can get 100 or more of these for the price of 100 satin stickers, so if you plan on printing a lot and promoting your brand in bulk, then matte stickers might be the way to go for you.
  4. Matte stickers will be virtually impossible to see through after applying them to glossy materials like glass or plastic, making it impossible for people to figure out what your business offers.


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