Canon Printer Error 5c20

Are you a Canon printer user? Have you seen error code 5c20 on your Canon printer? It is possible that you own an MX Series manufactured. Canon Printer Error 5c20 is the most frequently report by MX series owners worldwide. Don't be bother by any error. Instead of panicking, learn the recovery methods discussed in this blog.

The tips below for recovery will help you implement strategies to address problems as quickly as possible.

Techniques to Resolve Canon Printer Error 5c20

This error message 5c20 is probably due to a fault in the logic circuit that prevents this board from moving the carriages and rollers on your printer. Try to fix your printer to work with the help of the steps listed below:

Reset Canon Printer Hardware

To reset the hardware of your Canon printer you need to follow these easy steps:

  • Then start by pressing to power off the printer and keep it pressed until the printer turns off.
  • Disconnect your printer's power cord from the wall power outlet.
  • After waiting about a minute, connect the power cord you removed to a wall-mounted power outlet.
  • Press the Power button and then turn on your printer.
  • When your printer starts to power on, you can try a test print to determine if your printer is working normally.

When you do this, you can be sure that the device's flash memory has been wipe. Which means that the printer has been reset. You should go through this procedure to solve any problem related to how to reset canon printer.

Make Sure the Print Head is Working

If resetting your printer didn't give you the desired results, try this approach to fix the problem. If you hear a rattling sound from inside the Canon printer then it is possible to try this troubleshooting method. The sound may cause by error code 5c20 on the printer.

You must be sure that this problem is cause by a fault in the print head of your printer. First, unplug the power cord for your printer and plug it into a power socket or wall socket. Next, remove the cover of the printer.

Also, open the panel of the tank to remove the cartridges, and then set them in a safe place for a few minutes. Be sure to clean the printer as well as the area around it. If necessary, consider replacing the print head with a newer model to guarantee the effective operation of the device.

Replace and Check Purge Drive System Unit

In some instances, a 5c20 error may cause by a sensor for the pump roller. In this situation, it recommends that the drive needs to repair immediately.

Change Belt Position on Carriage

If you have tried the above troubleshooting methods if the problem is not resolved then look at the location of the carriage belt on the printer. The belt that drives the cart is responsible for the back-and-forth motion that the printing device makes, keeping the ink on the paper and producing the desired output in the form of printing.

The belt of the vehicle is located behind the print head. To test the belt, it is necessary to move the carriage out of its place and then test the carriage using a light source to see if the sleeper is indicated.

The above strategies are successful in their own way and can be used to solve such problems. However, by all means, none of them will help to fix error 5c20 on your Canon printer then you need to think about contacting customer service by visiting the official Canon website.


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