Tips for Playing Monopoly

Tips for Playing Monopoly

Like any other type of game, to emerge victorious in monopoly you also need some strategy. So, don't just follow the flow of the dice and step away from the other players. You also need some special tricks to emerge victorious in the game.

What are some tips to consider when playing monopoly? Here are some strategies that you need to pay attention to when playing monopoly.

1. Invest as much property as possible

To be able to emerge as a winner, try to invest in as many properties as possible. Investing in property may drain your money at first.

However, this will have a good impact in the future. Because the main goal of a monopoly is to collect as many assets as possible. So, this can be realized by buying the property you are passing as aggressively as possible.

2. Don't Be a Bank

Being a banker in the game of monopoly is indeed profitable. Because by doing so, you can take advantage for personal gain. This should be avoided because it will make you lose opportunities and not focus on the game.

3. Master the Red and Orange Region

Apart from investing brutally, there are points to note as well. Among them is buying a property that has the opportunity to become a stopping place for monopoly players.

Areas with red and orange colors are good targets. So you can focus on buying and building in that area. Because this will really help to make other players go bankrupt faster.

4. Don't Invest Money

Increasing the investment of money is also not recommended in the game of monopoly. One of them is because the money in the game of monopoly will not grow.

Because the bank will not give interest in any form. So investing in cash will make you lose early.

5. Develop Homes and Hotels ASAP

Developing houses and hotels quickly will also have a chance to make you a winner in the game of monopoly. Why is that so?

In monopoly, houses and hotels have the potential to be rented out. Of course rental prices that can increase significantly. This of course will benefit you as the owner, as well as will make other players quickly go bankrupt if they can't pay the rent.


Those are some tips and how to play monopoly that you can apply. Even though it's just a game, of course, it's fun when you come out victorious and beat other players, right? Well, some of the tips that we reviewed above you can apply.

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