Truck driving jobs are a great opportunity for young people or those who want to make a career change in the USA. Truckers are vital for the economy and several industries. Most industries require truckers in order to transport goods, materials, items, packages, and products to and from different locations. Truckers are hired by various types of companies and industries. Apart from the main responsibility of transporting cargo to and from different locations, truckers also have several other responsibilities like:

  • Utilizing the safest and most time-efficient routes while driving the truck
  • Truck drivers are required to maintain a log of the deliveries and pick up of cargo
  • Truckers are in charge of maintaining the trucks and other equipment that they use at their job

Seven Remarkable Facts About The Trucking Industry In The Us

One of the more important facts about the trucking industry for job seekers is the fact that the industry is expected to grow continuously for the foreseeable future. The trucking industry grew from 118 billion in 2020 to 124 billion in 2025 and this is expected to keep growing with the industry set to be worth 170 billion in 2025. Over the next decade, the industry is set to grow by at least twenty-one percent which means there will be a lot more truck driver jobs available to job seekers. 

As truck drivers drive across the country to deliver cargo to several locations on behalf of several companies or organizations they drive well over a hundred thousand miles a year. The most traveled truckers cover a distance of hundred and twenty-five thousand miles which equates to approximately two thousand to three thousand miles a week. The entire trucking industry in the United States hires thousands of truckers who drive hundred and forty billion miles each year. 

The trucking industry adds more than thirty billion dollars of value to the United States economic system. The entire United States trucking industry is worth approximately five hundred and fourteen billion dollars in the year 2021. The industry in the United States accounts for nearly twenty-four percent of the market share in the entire world. 

There are over one million three hundred and eighteen thousand drivers hired at various truck driving jobs in Lexington TN across the country. There is a big disparity between the number of male and female drivers in the United States. Women truckers only constitute around eleven percent of the drivers in the entire trucking industry. Slightly more than sixty percent of the drivers in the United States are ethnically white however Hispanic or Latino and African American drivers are also heavily represented among the drivers employed by the industry. The most common age of truckers in the United States is between forty-five and fifty-five years of age. Only five percent of the truckers in the United States are between the ages of twenty and twenty-four years of age. 

Like with any other job opportunity there are a lot of variations in the salaries of truckers in the United States. The average base salary of a truck driver in the United States is seventy-four thousand dollars a year. There are so many different factors that can affect the earnings of truckers such as experience, training, and the company the truck driver works for. the state where the trucker works from, and which specific truck driving job the trucker has. Based on the experience that the trucker has the salaries can range from sixty thousand dollars a year to ninety thousand dollars a year. The highest-paying companies in the trucking industries can offer salaries up to a hundred and thirty thousand dollars a year. 

Truck driving jobs involve transporting all types of cargo across the United States. Many different industries rely heavily on truckers to transport goods essential for their functioning. Truckers transport ninety-one percent of lumber and wood, sixty-five percent of pharmaceutical essentials, ninety-two percent of packaged foods, and eighty-three percent of agriculture and farming produce. 

Truck drivers transport an astronomical amount of weight to different parts of the country. In 2019, truckers transported nearly twelve billion tons of cargo which was more than the rest of the freight industries in the United States. 

How To Apply For A Truck Driving Job?

Truck driving jobs are widely available for job seekers in the United States. Those who decide to join the trucking industry receive great pay along with several benefits. The process to become a truck driver is simple and it is easy for those interested in the profession to land the job opportunity. There are three simple steps for a job seeker to land a truck driving job. These steps include: 

  • The first step to becoming a trucker involves the applicant meeting the requirements for the job. This includes the driver being at least twenty-one years old and having a clean driving history. Those looking to become a trucker will also have to be able to pass a drug and alcohol test on a regular basis. 
  • The applicant will then have to obtain a commercial driving license by attending a truck driving school. 
  • After obtaining a commercial driving license, truckers can start applying for jobs in the trucking industry


The trucking industry is an interesting job opportunity that has a ton of different openings for those interested. 

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