The sight of plants hanging overhead in colorful plastic pots with chunky hooks is eye-pleasing. However, not all plants can do well in a hanging condition. The hanging planters' best thing is they are adequately roomy, eye-catching, and easy to handle. You can get a wide variety of artfully splattered ceramic planters and hand-thrown. One can get a handful of choices in the market. 

Wooden-hanging planters add a pleasant touch to your office space, kitchen, living room, or bathroom. However, make a careful choice of putting them where there is adequate sunlight, and the place is airy. 

Some planters can accommodate many plants and pots which do not need much light. You may report your plant or detach them from the planters whenever you choose to do so. A simple leather strap and ceramic pots can well fit your purpose. 

Use Suction Caps for Home Decor

Some people use DIY home methods to make innovative hanging planters for home décor. You may use suction cups with succulents to put succulents and air plants. Handmade sculptural pieces and ceramics are attractive options. However, never forget to put another pot inside to make the watering process easy and mess-free. 

Self-style planter for drip-free watering

Self-style hanging planters are suitable for drip-free watering. Some plats are good to keep in hanging positions. For example, the heartleaf philodendron has heart-shaped, dark green leaves with long tendrils. Spider plants are lovely to hold as hanging plants. Hoya Obovata has pretty, big leaves. Plants with long succulent like philodendron silver, donkey-tail succulent, hoya cork mount, cluster are other excellent choices you can make for beautiful home décor.

Make the right choice for your room with wooden planters.

Some of the wooden hanging planters' descriptions are here to help you make the right choice for your room. 

  • Wooden wall hanging curve shape planter shelf with rope
  • Wooden wall hanging planters with cross rope
  • Three layers wooden hanging shelf designer hexagonal iron wall shelf with wood plants
  • Designer diamond shape wall shelf with wood panels
  • Elegant wall hanging bamboo planters
  • Three pockets' fabric wall planters for green wall
  • Hanging wall shelves with rope planter
  • Six pockets elegant wall hangers for plants
  • Nine pockets fabric wall planters for succulent plants
  • Pebble round iron wall shelf with wood plants

These planters are available in various sizes at a pocket-friendly budget. The material used in these plant hangers is either MDF wood or good quality iron which ensures durability. They are matt finish structures for superior finish and sturdiness. Also, the shopkeepers provide ready to hang, pre-assembled hooks in the package. These hangers are not only functional as planters, but also you can put vases, toys, and showpieces on them. A single self is capable of holding a maximum of 5 kg weight. The hanging shelves are weather-proof, termite-proof, and water-resistant. 


The beautiful wooden hanging planters are an eye-catching sight to bear. Some plants do well in hanging positions. Wall hangers for plants are available in online and offline stores in various shapes, sizes, and colors. 

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