Custom paper boxes are delivered to your doorstep. You can make them for any purpose you want, whether pop-up birthday parties or special occasions like an anniversary. 

Custom printing on plain white boxes is possible, too, but you need to provide your design in vector format (eps, pdf). 

Many people think custom paper boxes are way too expensive, but there's no need to worry about that because many e-commerce websites offer cheap custom box printing services.

According to Amazon TOS, if the total costs of the packaging materials and print color exceed $100, it qualifies as a custom product. The size of the box itself doesn't matter. 

What matters is its purpose and if custom artwork requires printing upon it. It also includes a special message from the customer for the seller.

Another benefit of custom boxes is that if they are customized related to the product, you can consider them a form of non-text Branding. 

Custom printed paper boxes have been used from times immemorial by marketers and sellers to promote their products or brands.

In this article, we try our best to help you understand how custom packaging boxes work and what kind of custom printed boxes Amazon offers, so without further ado, let's get started.

We know many companies offer customization services for promotional or presentation folders. Still, there has been a severe lack of information about custom paper boxes. 

It seems like none of the big players in the e-Commerce industry consider paper boxes as necessary enough.

Custom printed boxes VS Custom Printed Shoppers' Bags

Although custom printed paper boxes and custom shoppers' bags are two separate things, both fall under the same customization services offered by e-commerce companies. 

While these products differ only by the material they made of, there certain technicalities.

 In contrast, customized boxes are permanent because if you plan on using a package to deliver food, for example, it would be a real pain to go through the process of customizing it every time.

A second but equally important thing to know about shoppers' bags is that their design should be simple. You can even use just one color if you want because promotional shoppers' bags and printed paper boxes have only two purposes: 

1) To deliver your product

2) To show what's inside, which means whatever you put on them will be visible from both sides anyway.

For all other purposes, we strongly advise using custom printed boxes for obvious reasons. 

If you don't know how to choose between custom shopper bags and paper boxes or need help designing them, you can always contact our team.

How to Order Customize Paper Boxes from Amazon?

First of all, don't expect instant shipping because even though paper boxes aren't heavy. 

According to some sellers that offer this kind of alternative, letterpress printing take up to three days, and it's an extra cost, so if you plan on using any other method for printing, then best to order the box wait until it gets delivered.


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