Which motorcycle insurance is best for me?

Which motorcycle insurance is best for me?

Which motorcycle insurance is best for me? In addition to taking out statutory traffic insurance, you can insure your motorcycle with a favorable partial or fully comprehensive insurance that provides the most comprehensive protection for your motorcycle, and can also be extended with additional coverage.

If your annual driving season extends beyond a longer period of time than half a year, we offer worry-free insurance with premiums set according to the season We recommend insurance with a stand-by period for those who drive less.

Insurance with premiums set according to the season, ie continuous insurance

Insurance with premiums set according to the season, ie continuous insurance is a simpler and, moreover, cheaper option, if you take the motorcycle out of the garage right away in the spring and drive well into the fall. If your annual driving season is 7 months or more, we recommend easy-to-maintain insurance with premiums set according to the season.

You, therefore, do not have to notify when you use your motorcycle, and the suspension does not affect the insurance premium either.

The motorcycle insurance premium is mostly affected during the summer months when the motorcycle is in active use.

However, the premiums are invoiced evenly throughout the year. The insurance can also be debited after the end date if the premium has not been invoiced in full before then.

Standing insurance and shutdown

Standing insurance for a motorcycle, ie insurance with a stand-off period is a smart choice if you only drive for a couple of months each summer. If your state is in the online store that you drive for 6 months or less, we automatically recommend this option.

In doing so, you must remember to make a notification of suspension at the end of your annual driving season and a corresponding notification of suspension at the beginning of the next driving season, so that you do not have to pay the entire annual premium.

The price for standing insurance is the same throughout the year, and the premium is determined according to the time the motorcycle has been reported to be in traffic.

Invoicing is always based on an annual price for 12 months and is canceled immediately when you register your motorcycle as canceled. The suspension is then taken into account in connection with the next invoice.

You will receive a premium refund on the traffic insurance and collision protection for the time the motorcycle was reported as canceled. The refund is automatically taken into account in the next payment item. You will receive the refund most quickly if you switch to invoicing the premium in 12 items.

The comprehensive insurance also applies during the shutdown and protects against, among other things, fire and theft damage as well as vandalism, while the comprehensive insurance's collision protection, on the other hand, does not apply during the suspension period.


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