Matte Stickers

Our Matte stickers are cut from archival quality, solid vinyl for a long-lasting product you won’t be embarrassed to put your name on. The matte finish gives the image bold contrast that pops off any background. While the adhesive backing allows you to stick them almost anywhere.

Qualities of Matte Stickers You Must Know Before Using

  1. Matte stickers are not your everyday sticker. They are made of reusable vinyl, more often than not. It’s a lot more durable than the regular sticker you usually see.
  2. Bold contrast is a trademark of matte stickers because they have that distinctive brownish-gray color that proves to be a great advertising tool when used right. Just make sure you choose the right color, and you won’t go wrong with our wide assortment of colors available for you to choose from!
  3. Matte stickers are the perfect promotional tool for companies who don’t want their brand to look cheap but, at the same time, want to keep things simple. They are aesthetically pleasing and minimalist at the same time.
  4. It doesn’t matter what your industry is. You can use Matte stickers as an advertisement that won’t take up too much space. In addition, our custom vinyl stickers come in different sizes, so you won’t have trouble picking the size that best suits your needs.
  5. Matte stickers are made of solid vinyl, but that doesn’t mean they cannot withstand extreme temperatures outdoors.
  6. If you live in a tropical country, you should note that matte stickers can stand out even more under direct sunlight! The contrast is more evident, and the image on the sticker becomes clearer and more defined.
  7. Matte stickers are waterproof, making them perfect for outdoor activities. It makes them a good choice for outdoor promotions such as concerts, promotional events, etc. If you have the correct image, you could use the matte stickers for advertising your business even when it rains outside!
  8. They are very easy to apply, but that doesn’t mean. They can be applied without any application of expertise first. Matte stickers are a lot trickier than your everyday sticker. You need to choose the correct image first, then place it on the surface where you want it. A matte sticker will stick to any surface much better than a regular sticker. When removing the sticker, you have to take note not to pull at the corners, or you’ll risk damaging its integrity and ruining your design.

What Are Satin Stickers Used For?

  1. Satin stickers have a very glossy finish. They are shiny and sparkling, which makes them attractive to customers. They’re a good option for businesses that want to go big or small with their brand, depending on the size of the sticker they choose.
  2. The satin finish of the stickers makes them eye-catching because it makes the colors stand out. Even more against any background.
  3. Satin stickers are pleasing to the eye. They look similar to how a T-shirt with a shiny material would look like.
  4. Satin stickers can be used indoor and outdoors, but their glossy finish makes them perfect for promotional events and other projects where you want to promote your brand uniquely.
  5. Satin stickers are very easy to apply. You need to peel off the backing, place it on the surface you want and then smooth out. The edges with your finger or a cloth, depending on how thick and sturdy you want your sticker to be.


We at Entre Label provide our clients with the best quality satin stickers, custom sticker printing with the perfect size and fit your brand. Contact us now at +(63) 939-9176909, and a representative will contact you soon to assist you with your requirements. You can place a custom order for our entire range of Satin Stickers over call or online.

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